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Welcome to MV Capital Management and LPL Financial

MV Capital Management, an affiliate of LPL Financial, is based in Chicago, IL.  We provide wealth management, investment and retirement plan services for individuals, families and organizations (businesses and non-profit).  As a process-driven organization, we work with our clients to make thoughtful, informed decisions about the growth and protection of their wealth.   

Individuals, Families and Businesses (including non-profit) face a complex web of financial and regulatory issues.  Partnering with a financial team with forward-thinking solutions and a partnership mentality is critical.  With our collective experience in the financial services and investment industry, we can advise you on a range of issues related to; financial planning, investments, estate planning, insurance, retirement plans and tax efficient strategies.    

Our relationships are built on integrity, commitment, and service to others.  You’re our priority, and we have built our firm around helping you succeed.  

We invite you to check out all the material on our website.  If something prompts a questions, please send us an email or call our office.

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Your Goals, Our Strategies

Discover a full range of services for your financial needs.

Wealth Management

Independent, objective wealth management tailored to your needs.  We’re not tied to products or services from a single company or family of companies, which allows us to seek out the most appropriate products and services for our clients.

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Investment Services

Smart investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn more about our process-driven approach and how we allocate capital to pursue your goals.

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Retirement Plan Strategies

Specialized retirement plan consulting strategies for your business or organization’s needs. We work with various entities to generate positive outcomes for the organization and its employees through careful retirement plan design.

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We’re here for you!

We work with you to make thoughtful, informed decisions about the potential growth and protection of your wealth.

Financial News

Curated articles, videos, and more for a financially savvier you.

<p>18 Years&#8217; Worth of Days</p>

18 Years’ Worth of Days

The average retirement lasts for 18 years, with many lasting even longer. Will you fill your post-retirement days with purpose?
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<p>A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List</p>

A Bucket Plan to Go with Your Bucket List

Longer, healthier living can put greater stress on retirement assets; the bucket approach may be one answer.
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<p>9 Facts About Retirement</p>

9 Facts About Retirement

Regardless of how you approach retirement, there are some things about it that might surprise you.
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